“I’m tired of buying high and selling low…”

I understand what you are going through, I was once in your position. Does any of the following sounds familiar?

Buying stocks that someone else recommends and seeing it go up and then tank to never come back

Feel like a failure because everybody else where making money in stocks but me

Believe that in order to make money we need to dedicated 100% of our time and get a business degree to succeed.

Read several books and feel even more lost due to lack of actionable information

What if you could:

Understand how to research for winning stock and discard the ones that will destroy your portfolio

Know what causes your stocks to go up and down

Stop selling your stocks at a loss, only to see them go higher and higher

Have a portfolio of winning stocks that can even beat the market performance

How can I help you:

We will first identify what is your big picture. Why are you investing and what do you expect from the Stock Market

I will help you understand your investing patterns and how can we improve them to generate superior returns

I will provide you with knowledge and wisdom on how the stock market works and how greed and fear control the market

We will identify your limiting beliefs that are preventing you from getting your desire outcomes

I know for a fact that in order to make money in stocks, we need a clear strategy and a winning mindset.

Private 1-on-1 Coaching with Derek Feher

I work with beginner investors who want to start investing with the right strategy and mindset and also with seasoned investors who are looking to improve their returns, develop a strategy and change their limiting beliefs. We will be a great fit if you are willing to dedicate time to study what you will learn during the coaching calls, do the assigned homework and have an open mind about different investing styles.

We will have weekly 1 hour coaching calls using Google Hangouts. My regular schedule is Monday to Friday from 7:00pm EST to 9:00pm EST (inclusive). Depending on availability I can schedule coaching calls on weekend but most of the calls will be held during weekdays.

I will provide you with study guides in PDF regarding the topics discussed during our coaching calls.

Investment: $100 USD per session and a minimum of 4 sessions.

Our first step is to schedule a FREE discovery call to meet each other and assess how can I coach you and if we can be a great team!

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