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Hey there! My name is Derek Feher and I’m The Investing Loon.

Do you feel like you are always working hard but still don’t get the desired results? Like you can’t make ends meet? Let alone save money for retirement? #thestruggleisreal

I totally get you! Two years ago I was in your shoes and I thought that retirement was a beautiful unicorn, a mythical creature that everybody talks about but no one can ever achieve.

That was until I discovered the Stock Market and the huge potential that it has to turn $100 into $500,000 with time and patience!

Stock Market Investing – A really effective way to grow your hard earned money overtime

Nobody likes risk… No one… Including me! So how come that I propose Stock Market Investing as an effective way to grow your money and retire?

Simple! Your savings account sucks big time! You are probably making less than 1% in that savings account. Honestly, I’m being too generous there, realistically you are making less than 0.5% on that account

The United States Inflation rate for 2017 was 2.1% and in Canada was 1.6%. Do you know what that means? It means that your savings account can’t even keep up with the inflation rate! You are losing purchasing power year to year #yikes!

The US Stock Market has an average return of 7% and in 2017 it had a return of 19%!

So, what do you prefer, 1% or 7% return on your money? (I know what I prefer 😉 )

I grabbed your attention right? You are like “Derek, I know nothing about the Stock Market but I want to make money from it”

(Yeah, I’m like a mind reader)

Below you will find a must read collection of blog posts that will build your knowledge about how to invest in the stock market


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