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by Derek Feher

What is this blog about?

Yo! Welcome to the Investing Loon. I started this blog to help everyone who has felt the “itch” or “urge” to have their money working for them. Believe me when I say that this is real and that YOU (yes you!) can also do it! How you may ask? Well, by saving money and putting a portion of it on the stock market.

I also share self-help, motivation, how to change your life for the better messages within my posts, I’m a believer that investing is not only about numbers, but that your brain/mind/beliefs play a HUGE role on how successful (or not) you can be at investing or any task that you want to tackle.

What can you expect to find here?

A lot of actionable information on how to invest in the stock market, how to develop a plan and sticking to it and how to research and build your own profitable portfolio.

Since I’m going through a major re-discovery of who I am, what is my true calling and what is my gift to the world, you will find self-help, motivation and how to improve your life posts. There’s nothing more beautiful in this life than helping another person to become the best version of themselves.

Before you read my About me, I want to share something personal with you…

I’m a survivor… I was physically and verbally abused as child, I didn’t have many friends because I was emotionally shut down, I didn’t want to be hurt by anyone ever again. As I grew up I became more and more depressed, my parents constantly fought each other and they used me as a weapon against each other…

By the age of 16 I was in severe depression, I didn’t have willpower and I wanted to disappear,  I was numb and started hurting myself just to feel something, I became suicidal…

I was really lucky that my Aunt and Uncle brought me to their place to stay for the summer, this completely changed my life, I felt supported, loved, that I was worth it and that I deserved to have a shot in life, this experience changed my life and I told myself that no matter what, no matter how, I was going to make it, even if nobody believed in me…. I will succeed.

This my dear readers, is the power of the mind, what you believe about yourself and life in general can have a major impact on your life. This is the reason why I want you to take control of your life, rewire your brain for success and repeat to yourself 1000 times if necessary:

“I’m worth it, I’m Successful, Only great things happen to me”

“I have and abundant flow of money, money is always there for me, I’m grateful…”


About me

My name is Derek Feher and I live in Canada with my wife, I come from a small middle class family from Venezuela where my parents taught me that by working REALLY hard, going to college, getting a degree and finding an office job you would be able to make a living and achieve financial freedom. So not true…

So, I did that all that. I studied as hard as I could (I failed many times but never gave up), became an Engineer and found my first job as a professional, I was ready to conquer the world… soon enough I had 2 jobs and I was working 60 hours a week which left me little time to spent time with my wife, cats, friends and family. #Iwantmorefromlife.

As soon as I turned 30 I realized that I was still waiting to be financially free and felt totally betrayed by the system. How come that I’ve done everything that they told me and I’m still broke?!?!

This is when I discovered the stock market and realized that it wasn’t only for the really wealthy/smart/high IQ people. I read everything I could find about the stock market, how to invest, how to pick stocks, value and index investing and day trading. I was really overwhelmed but somehow, I managed to push through.

So I started investing (not really) on stocks (really bad ones) and lost quite some money and felt like I was a total failure, that this wasn’t for me and almost dropped the whole investing idea.

This is when I realized that I was doing it all wrong, that you have to have a set of rules before buying any stocks, entry and exit plans and stick to them no matter what, especially when you start to get emotional on the stock market! Which happens a lot, we are all humans after all.

I’m a very passionate about investing in the stock market and I will share my knowledge that I gather through failing and succeeding investing so you don’t have to go through the same difficulties that I went through.

All you have to do is believe in yourself and grab life by the balls

And that tall dude with a beard and long hair grabbing a bull by the balls… yes… that dude is me!

I feel so humble for having you here in this blog, and my promise to you is to always deliver positive, actionable content, I want you to succeed and be financially free.

You are worth it, make the decision TODAY to change your financial life and create your own legacy!